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Ballycallan, Tullaroan & Freshford

Welcome to the Parish Cluster of

In 2019, following a revision of how parishes function, and in response to the dwindling number of clergy in the diocese, parishes in Ossory were invited to join together to pool resources that would make them of greater benefit to each other.  This clustering was based on geographical location as well as past cooperation and historical connections.

Under this new arrangement the parishes of Ballycallan, Tullaroan and Freshford were brought together and a plan formulated which would allow for clergy to provide pastoral cover for each other, as well as plan for a future which would involve more lay participation in the administration and running of the parish cluster.

This website is an initiative of the new parish grouping of Ballycallan, Tullaroan and Freshford. The links above will take you to different information on each parish, but also provide you with news common to the three parishes in the cluster.

This site is under development so please do bear with us.


Ballycallan Parish

St. Bridget's Church, Ballycallan

St. Molua's Church, Killaloe

Queen of Peace, Kilmanagh

Tullaroan Parish

Church of the Assumption, Tullaroan

Freshford Parish

St. Lachtain's Church, Freshford

St. Nicholas's Church, Tulla


Rt Rev. Mgr Kieron Kennedy, P.P. Freshford

Very Rev. Patrick Guilfoyle, P.E. Tullaroan

Very Rev. Liam Taylor P.P.

Ballycallan & Adm. Tullaroan


Pastoral Council, Ballycallan

Pat Brennan (Chair), Vivienne Sheridan (Secretary), Gerardine Walsh, Gabriel Wall, Brigid Hennessy, Sean Brennan, Siobhán O'Brien, Rev. Liam Taylor

Pastoral Council, Tullaroan

Bridgetta Brennan (Chair), Noreen O'Neill (Secretary), Richard Coughlin, Catherine Maher, John Cuddihy, Carmel Coogan, Liam Keoghan, Rev. Pat Guilfoyle, Rev. Liam Taylor.

Pastoral Council, Freshford

To be added

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Rejoice in the Lord always
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