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Church of the Assumption & Graces Chapel

Parish of Tullaroan

It consists of the civil parish of Tullaroan; and of the townlands of Gaulstown, Remeen, Wallstown, and about one-third of Ballycannon, in the civil parish of Ballinamara. It formed part of the parochial union of Freshford from about the time of the Reformation down to February, 1843, when it became a distinct parish. Its area is 13,600 stat. Acres, which, by a strange coincidence, also happens to be the area of the present parish of Freshford.



Among Irish speakers of North Kilkenny Tullaroan may be heard pronounced in four different ways, viz., (a) Thurrarooang (accent on the roo), (b) Thullareean (accent on the ree), (c) Thullarooann (accent on the ann), and (d) Thurrarooann (accent likewise on ann). The Irish form of the name is Tulac Ruadain, i.e the Green Hill of Ruadhan. St. Ruadhan or Ruanus, an Irish saint, is the patron of Powlrone, hibernice, Poll Ruadain (locally pronounced Powlreean, accent on ree), in the parish on Mooncoin.  Ruadhan was, therefore, used as a personal name in ancient Ireland.  It is also found used as a topographical term, in different parts of Ireland, to designate land of reddish (ruagh) colour, as in the case of Ruan, a parish in the Diocese of Killaloe.  It appears more probable, however, that Tullaroan is so-called from a man named Ruadhan, than from Ruadhan, the place-name, as the townland of Tullaroan, from which the parish has its name is all rich pasture land.


The parish of Tullaroan is always called Pubble-a-ghrawsa, i.e., Grace’s Parish, in Irish. At the time of the reformation and probably for several centuries before it, the Rectory or Parish of Tullaroan was a ‘membrum de Callan’, that is, formed one of a union of Rectories of which the Rectory of Callan was the head.


Tullaroan Parish Church (present and former) is dedicated to the Blessed Virgin under the title of her Assumption.

(Extract from William Carrigan's 'History and Antiquities of the Diocese of Ossory', Vol 3 pp 491-2

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