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Tullaroan Parish Hall

Following the recent retirement of the Hall Committee in Tullaroan, the following has now come into play:

For the record, Tullaroan hall is a parish hall.  The premises is owned by the parish and no lease is in place with any group. Furthermore, no lease will be possible until:

  1. A company, limited by guarantee is formed to run the hall

  2. A new bishop is appointed to Ossory.

Until the above happens (1+2), the hall will be run by a voluntary Hall Committee.  This committee will be responsible for the following:

  • Maintenance of the premises

  • Booking of groups, to include insurance, compliance, safeguarding and fee collection

  • Management of finances

  • Fundraising to pay for the day-to-day expenses of the hall

  • Paying of bills

  • Making sure the premises is fit for purpose at all times in accordance with health & safety and safeguarding compliance

  • Security of the building (Opening& Closing; Key Management etc).


Our ultimate goal will be to hand over the premises to an independent company or group with a lease in place.  Interested parties should contact Fr. Liam to discuss the future of the hall.

Groups that have used the hall in the past:

  • Please get in touch with Fr. Liam to express your interest in using the premises going forward. 

  • Groups using the hall must have their own public liability insurance. 

  • Groups working with children should have a safeguarding policy.

  • Note: The hall will not re-open until a functioning committee is in place.

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